#Links | 29. August 2014

The world he wants to create is one where there would be no option to refrain from revealing to colleagues that you’ll have hemorrhoids surgery while on vacation; where girls going through puberty could only talk to their mothers about getting their periods in public; and where every time a potential romantic partner rejects you, it happens for all to see. Think of everyone who has ever kept a confidence you bestowed in a moment of need or vulnerability. All of them had this in common: They had something to hide.

Alle haben etwas zu verbergen und wenn es nur die Tatsache ist, dass man beispielsweise zwei private Handynummern hat, aus welchen Gründen auch immer. Das würde es in einer Welt ohne Privatsphäre nicht geben. Oder geben können. Am Ende würde die Aufgabe von Privatsphäre aber doch nur die voyeuristische Ader der Mitmenschen befriedigen, jeder als Wichsvorlage für den interessierten Nachbarn.
Does Randomness Actually Exist? – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

Pick a number. Any number, one through 100. Got one? OK, so how did you pick it?
On playing Diablo for a very long time – Kill Screen – Videogame Arts &amp Culture.

It is a game of absolute maximalism—pus-filled hordes exploding in bloody pops as gold soars from my sword, stallions screaming, magic everywhere—while also being totally relaxing. It’s like dropping into the ocean and realizing that it is the exact same temperature as your body.
Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison | Life and style | The Guardian

„What they knew was, when they took the fat out they had to put the sugar in, and when they did that, people bought more. And when they added more, people bought more, and so they kept on doing it. And that’s how we got up to current levels of consumption.“ Approximately 80% of the 600,000 packaged foods you can buy in the US have added calorific sweeteners (this includes bread, burgers, things you wouldn’t add sugar to if you were making them from scratch).
Vernagelte Türen: Der Fall Zoe Quinn | Superlevel

Es ist schon erstaunlich, zu welch einer Energieleistung Menschen fähig sind, wenn es darum geht, eine andere Person fertig zu machen. Die Gamesbranche ist dabei lediglich ein Spiegel einer gesamtgesellschaftlichen Entwicklung und erscheint nur deshalb so krass, weil der Diskurs nach wie vor von aufbegehrenden jungen Männern diktiert wird, deren Rebellion der Konservierung eines isolierenden Ist-Zustands gilt.
ISIS as Start-Up: Explosive Growth, Highly Disruptive, Super-Evil — Matter — Medium