September 28, 2022
A glass exercise bike that costs S,000: This Singapore company wants to build your dream home gym

A glass exercise bike that costs S$25,000: This Singapore company wants to build your dream home gym

Step into a gym and you’ll typically find yourself in a dark and dingy room, filled with exercise machines that are, more often than not, in standard (and boring) black or grey. Even in your own home, you’ve carved out a functional fitness zone, but with bulky and practical equipment that are admittedly a bit of an eyesore.

With such an uninspiring space, it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise. A quick workout, and you’re out.

But what if you could create your own home gym that does make you want to linger? Even if you’re not that much of a gym rat, it doesn’t hurt to pretend.

Fitness enthusiasts Debra Tay and Tudi Guillamot are shaking things up in Singapore’s luxury fitness equipment space with the launch of Cycling Bears, a brand that curates and customises luxury fitness equipment for homes.

The company is a passion project for the couple, who recently opened their by-appointment-only showroom on East Coast Road. It partners with luxury fitness brands such as Ciclotte, Pent, NoHrd, Enigma and WaterRower to offer equipment that are handcrafted from materials such as wood, steel and leather. Clients are also able to pick and choose their preferred materials and colours to match the interiors of their home.