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All Killer Characters in Dead by Daylight: A Horrifying Ensemble

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Introduction Killer Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight, a thrilling asymmetrical horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive, stands out for its diverse array of killer characters, each bringing a unique playstyle and set of abilities to the game. This article will explore all the killer characters in Dead by Daylight, diving into their backstories, abilities, and the horrifying chills they bring to every match.

The Trapper – Evan MacMillan

Evan MacMillan idolized his father. It wasn’t until he reached adulthood that he followed in his father’s footsteps, trapping and killing in the name of twisted love. The Trapper is known for his bear traps, which he uses to catch and immobilize unsuspecting Survivors.

The Wraith – Philip Ojomo

Philip Ojomo came to the Entity’s world with a sense of vengeance. The Wraith has the power to cloak, becoming almost invisible to the Survivors, and can uncloak rapidly to ambush them, embodying true terror.

The Hillbilly – Max Thompson Jr.

Max Thompson Jr. was isolated from society due to his deformities. The Hillbilly is characterized by his chainsaw, which he uses to down Survivors in one hit, and his high mobility makes him a constant threat.

The Nurse – Sally Smithson

Sally Smithson descended into madness after witnessing the horrifying conditions of the Crotus Prenn Asylum. The Nurse can blink through obstacles and quickly close gaps, making her a formidable foe.

The Huntress – Anna

Anna, known as The Huntress, lived in the wilds of Mother Russia, hunting wildlife with her mother. After a tragic incident, she was left alone, hunting larger prey. She can throw hatchets with deadly precision, allowing her to hit Survivors from a distance.

The Shape – Michael Myers

Michael Myers, The Shape, is an iconic horror figure, embodying pure evil. His power, Evil Within, allows him to stalk Survivors, growing stronger as he feeds off their fear, eventually enabling him to down them in a single hit.

The Hag – Lisa Sherwood

Lisa Sherwood, The Hag, was transformed by the Entity into a nightmare-inducing killer. She can place traps that, when triggered, project her phantasm, allowing her to teleport and catch Survivors off-guard.

The Doctor – Herman Carter

Herman Carter, The Doctor, once used his medical knowledge for torture. In the Entity’s realm, he spreads madness with his static field and shock therapy, disrupting Survivors’ actions and revealing their locations.

The Cannibal – Bubba Sawyer

Bubba Sawyer, known as The Cannibal, wields a chainsaw that can instantly down multiple Survivors. His territorial nature combined with his one-hit down ability makes him a menacing presence.

The Nightmare – Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger, The Nightmare, is another iconic horror character, haunting the dreams of Survivors. He pulls Survivors into the dream world, slowing their actions and making them vulnerable to his attacks.

The Pig – Amanda Young

Amanda Young, The Pig, is a disciple of the Jigsaw Killer, embodying his philosophies. She can crouch to stealthily approach Survivors and place reverse bear traps on their heads, forcing them to seek out keys before time runs out.

The Clown – Jeffrey Hawk

Jeffrey Hawk, The Clown, uses his intoxicating concoctions to disorient and hinder Survivors. His area denial and slowing abilities make it difficult for Survivors to escape his grasp.

The Spirit – Rin Yamaoka

Rin Yamaoka, The Spirit, seeks vengeance for her tragic end. She can phase-walk, becoming invisible and moving quickly to surprise and catch Survivors.

The Legion – Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey

The Legion consists of four friends – Frank, Julie, Susie, and Joey. They use their power, Feral Frenzy, to run at high speeds and rapidly attack Survivors, applying deep wound effects.

The Plague – Adiris

Adiris, The Plague, was once a high priestess. She spreads a deadly infection, forcing Survivors to cleanse and revealing their locations, while also using her power, Vile Purge, to damage and down them.

The Ghost Face – Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson, The Ghost Face, is a stealthy killer who can crouch and lean around corners to stalk Survivors. When undetected, he can expose Survivors, allowing him to down them in one hit.

The Demogorgon – Stranger Things

The Demogorgon, from Stranger Things, uses portals to traverse the map quickly. Its shred attack and ability to charge at Survivors make it a relentless pursuer.

The Oni – Kazan Yamaoka

Kazan Yamaoka, The Oni, collects blood orbs from injured Survivors to fuel his power, Blood Fury. In this mode, he becomes faster, can down Survivors in one hit, and perform a lethal ranged attack.

The Deathslinger – Caleb Quinn

Caleb Quinn, The Deathslinger, wields a speargun that he can use to reel in Survivors. His ranged attacks and ability to interrupt interactions make him a constant threat.

The Executioner – Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head, The Executioner, from Silent Hill, can create trenches that inflict torment on Survivors, eventually leading to their cage of atonement or final judgement.

The Blight – Talbot Grimes

Talbot Grimes, The Blight, uses his power, Blighted Corruption, to rush at high speeds, bouncing off walls to chain attacks and down Survivors.

The Twins – Charlotte and Victor Deshayes

Charlotte and Victor Deshayes, The Twins, use their unique bond to their advantage. Victor can detach and ambush Survivors, while Charlotte hunts them down.

The Trickster – Ji-Woon Hak

The Trickster, a Korean pop star, utilizes throwing knives and the Laceration mechanic to injure and down Survivors. His Showstopper ability and Main Event action enhance his lethal prowess, making him a challenging adversary.

The Nemesis – Resident Evil

Originating from the Resident Evil series, The Nemesis utilizes his tentacle for attacks and infecting Survivors with the T-Virus. The infection increases his power, and the presence of zombies adds an extra layer of threat to the Survivors.

The Cenobite – Pinhead

Pinhead, from the Hellraiser franchise, brings the Lament Configuration to the Entity’s realm. He can summon chains to hinder and damage Survivors, and those who solve the Configuration face the Chain Hunt, making escape even more daunting.

The Artist – Carmina Mora

Carmina Mora, The Artist, transforms her pain into power. She summons and commands her Crows to attack and injure Survivors, utilizing her artistic talents for sinister purposes in the Entity’s realm.

The Onryo – Sadako Yamamura

The Onryo, a vengeful spirit, harnesses the power of rage and the supernatural. With the ability to curse Survivors and unleash deadly spectral attacks, escaping The Onryo’s wrath is a formidable task.

The Dredge – The Druanee

The Dredge, a creature from the depths, uses aquatic abilities to trap and drown Survivors. The waterlogged environment and his ability to manipulate water levels make him a unique and fearsome killer.

Albert Wesker – Resident Evil

Another character from Resident Evil, Albert Wesker possesses enhanced strength, speed, and resilience. His Uroboros Virus and Tyrant Transformation make him a formidable foe, capable of adapting and overpowering Survivors.

The Knight – Tarhos Kovács

Armed with medieval weaponry and armor, The Knight uses his brute strength and combat skills to overpower Survivors. His ability to summon and command minions adds an additional challenge for those trying to escape.

The Skull Merchant – Adriana Imai

The Skull Merchant trades in the currency of death. He collects the skulls of Survivors, using them to power up and unlock devastating abilities, making each encounter increasingly dangerous.

The Singularity – HUX-A7-13

The Singularity, a being from another dimension, manipulates time and space. With the ability to teleport, create black holes, and alter the fabric of reality, Survivors must be vigilant to evade its grasp.

The Xenomorph – Alien

The iconic extraterrestrial creature, The Xenomorph, from the Alien franchise, brings its acidic blood, sharp tail, and Facehuggers into the Entity’s realm. The presence of the Xenomorph adds a sci-fi horror element to the game, with its unique abilities and playstyle.

Conclusion Killer Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight hosts a myriad of killer characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. The diverse roster ensures a varied and horrifying experience, keeping players on their toes as they never know who they might face next in the darkened realms of the Entity.

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